Her time spent in Paris, London and Buenos Aires helped her embrace the elegant ease of cafe life and time honored craftsmanship and beauty.

 She wanted to express what and how she has seen and experienced the world.

Still captivated by the stories of artists, and leveraging the extrovert nature inherited from her family, she started a website called Smart Creative Women where she interviewed hundreds of creative women and entrepreneurs.  “I saw a theme in the successful artists and how their work so accurately reflected their personalities. I realized that it came naturally for some artists and for others artist, it took a great deal of reflection and work.” 

She felt strongly about the influence that another artist’s work can have on you and the work it takes to develop your own voice. As she defined her own visual voice, she set out to help other artists find theirs as well, developing a coaching program that was devoid of competition and full of self exploration.

“All the things that have influenced you over the years can either make their way into your work; muddying or enhancing it. Studying the work of masters and current artists can be helpful or debilitating, if taken to the extreme. 

You are your own master influencer.” 


In her own work, she incorporates drama and grace, energy and ease. Light, color and shape all positioned to lure the viewer in to take a closer look.

“I want to introduce my viewer into a new language they are vaguely familiar with, a whisper of mystery, sensuality, femininity, elegance and strength. When I paint, I move between what I see, what looks harmonious and what I feel. Imagery can summon emotions before words are formed around them and I want people to experience that.”