A Good Read

I love a good book. I love REAL books. Everytime I open a new book, I am convinced it will move my life forward, that some little nuance in it will change me. It is all about expectation, right?

I love my books, spiritual ones, business books and big heavy art books. They are like mini BFF’s.
Here are a few good reads:

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Masculine and Feminine

I am and constantly stumbling over my own taste in decor. Having lived in many, many houses as a young girl, I don't tend to like new as much as I gravitate towards the old. As an adult, 2  of the home I have owned, one on the West Coast and one on the East Coast were Craftsman Bungalows both built in 1929.

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Monica Lee-HenellComment
New Romanticism

When you are a visual person, you develop an inherent distrust for descriptive words.  The word the "romance" conjures up a lot of different things for different people. So when I contemplated using the word “romantic” as a word to describe my art, I knew it could and would mean that people would apply their own meaning to the word.

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