Masculine and Feminine

I am and constantly stumbling over my own taste in decor. Having lived in many, many houses as a young girl, I don't tend to like new as much as I gravitate towards the old. As an adult, 2  of the home I have owned, one on the West Coast and one on the East Coast were Craftsman Bungalows both built in 1929. I didn't actively seek this style out (or year) but I have realized my transient lifestyle as a child has always had me craving for stability  yet when combined with wanderlust and the exciting challenges that come with extreme  change, it makes for a conflicted combination. 

I liked this quote from the desing team of Roman and Williams : "As Americans, because we’re a relatively young country, we’re always changing and starting over, it feels like we’re starting over every 10 years instead of building a tradition. Robin and I both always have this lust, desire and envy for a little more stability and reliability we see in older cultures."

I can see this in their design and I love it. I also am smitten by the masculine and feminine elements in this Brooklyn Brownstone (fun fact, it used to be owned by Jenna Lyons, J Crew's infamous creative director.) The glamorous and timeless bones of this space make a fabulous framework for the leather club chairs, that are begging to be sat in. And I am a person that believes ANY room can handle a chandelier. 

This space reminds me of something I am continuously drawn to which is the mix of hard and soft. If I put it in context,  that speaks to the masculine and feminine of the universe, bold, rugged and utterly beautiful and refined at once. I'd like to think I am attempting to capture that in my own work.

 Transcendent:  by Monica Lee-Henell 

Transcendent:  by Monica Lee-Henell 

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