A Good Read

 photo: Joy Uyeno

photo: Joy Uyeno

I love a good book. I love REAL books. Everytime I open a new book, I am convinced it will move my life forward, that some little nuance in it will change me. It is all about expectation, right?

I love my books, spiritual ones, business books and big heavy art books. They are like mini BFF’s.
Here are a few good reads:


Maria Brophy’s Art, Money and Success. I recently wrote this review on Amazon:
“Fabulous and necessary read for any artist. Maria knows her stuff after successfully managing her husband's Drew Brophy's art career into a monetary success. She doesn't pull any punches AND she even shares the scripts she uses to tactfully stand her ground, priceless. This book is right out of the current day trenches which makes this a must read.”

This could be a game changer for an artist. Maria is knowledgeable and down to earth. She has an unusual mix of no nonsense advice and relaxed Southern California vibe, so refreshing and authentic.   GO BUY IT and while you are at it, sign up for her newsletter.


Matisse and the Fauvists  I love a good art movement. I am a bit fascinated with how thought applications were/are applied to art. It all seems to revolve around the question of, “Is the art world capable of a singular movement today?” This book is an explosion of color from various artists. Don’t ask me if I actually READ it all, I mean the art plates are pretty distracting (in the best way.)


Paris in Bloom Pretty, pretty, pretty and smart. For the design lover in you, the layout of this book is really really satisfying! My sister bought me this for my birthday and I have had a couple friends pick it up in my studio and love it. Great gift!

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