Back to Italy and the European Cultural Academy


I am headed back to tour Italy in a couple weeks in April! I am hoping on meeting up with the wonderful people from the European Cultural Academy.

I studied art during the  Biennale  for a week last August that involved terrific lectures, learning about and touring  art exhibits. I had SUCH a marvelous time studying contemporary art  in Venice (yes, it was hot in August).  I fell in absolutely in love with the city (so somehow the heat did not melt me).

Danielle from the Jealous Curator, brought this new program to my attention and I am so glad I committed to it and braved the unknown and went. They are doing it again this summer, Danielle will be there again and even though it is this years Biennale is focused on  Architecture, they do have a week of studying contemporary art planned in June.  

I would LOVE to attend again, so feel free to try to talk me in to going again…even though I am touring in April, I definitely could see myself head back in June. This time they will focused on be visiting artist studios along with the learning.  So please, please, feel free to talk me into attending because then we can discuss art, drink the best espresso I have EVER had and get to know each other.

The dates for the Contemporary Art course are June 11-16, so if you NEED to jumpstart your creativity while engaging in a bit of acedemia, well, Italy is certainly the place to do it. 

These tips may make the decision on whether to apply a bit easier:

1. Housing is not included in tuition but it easy to get (air b and b apartments are a big thing in Venice) and ECA can give you names of other students who you can share apartments with, as well as offering several they have set aside.

2. They do a Skype application interview but DON'T be intimidated, they like to get to know you, find out why you love art and since it is very international, it is nice to know if you speak English since the program is taught in English. It's relaxed, and like good group dynamic, no grumps allowed.

3. You really won’t be alone. While making a journey like this may seem scary, Venice is so safe and small and even though you get happily lost on the winding streets, you will be surprised at how this week will leave you feeling like a local.

4. nYour classmates are from all over the world and that makes it really a once in a lifetime opportunity. It is a relatively small group and so you will find yourself sharing meals and boat rides with everyone and the shared ave or culture is truly uniting. I am still friends with the international group of art lovers from last August. It is so incredible to be able to sink into long conversations about art over Italian Perseco. (sigh) I need to go back!!

They do have limited scholarships and partial scholarships so you can check into that or check back with me as I am hoping to grab dinner with the wonderful team from ECC and get more details on that when I am there in a couple of weeks. 

You can find out more about the program and watch a video over at their new website