Monica Lee-Henell is a modern American painter. The sensuality in nature and humanity are themes that I explore throughout my painting practice.

She currently lives and works in New England.Monica has illustrated live from the runway during London Fashion Week and Shanghai Fashion Week where she also installed her Beauty to Chaos painting series in the DFO International Showroom.

She was the host of the Smart Creative Women podcast from 2012 to 2016, interviewing over 300 women in the business of creativity, bringing her perspective as a creative entrepreneur and professional illustrator to the show. She was listed in 5 Best Podcasts for Women Entrepreneurs.

Born in Italy, and having lived and traveled extensively throughout the US and Europe, Monica brings all this rich context into her work. You  can contact her at

CV upon request.

The conversation that takes place between the viewer and the canvas shows up in expressive colors and in what is considered an inherently feminine subject matter. Frailty, power and sensuality are combined on the canvas to create a dramatic timeless dialogue.

This ongoing conversation is meant to awaken the senses and to question the forward motion of the current human experience.
Creation and how we go about creating in contrast to, and in cooperation with our humanity and the divine leaves a mysterious trail that holds endless possibilities to explore.



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photos: Joy LeDuc