1. How will my artwork arrive? 

The larger canvas work arrives wired and ready to hang on 1.5 inch gallery wrapped canvases. 

I ship the safest and smartest way that I can! Larger works will either be arriving UPS or FEDEX ground. Smaller art works (more coming soon) ship right through the US Post Office. If you need artwork to quickly (and who doesn’t?) then contact me and we can work something out.

2. Do you ship internationally?

I am working this out! Contact me if you see art you want and I can price shipping for you and then I can see about a discounted shipping price but for now, I do not cover free shipping internationally as I do in the US. 

3. Do you sell in galleries?

Yes! If you are in RI, I work with Candita Clayton Gallery.

4. I recognize some of you art in stores, is someone infringing on your work? 

Some of my original artwork and many of my illustrations have been licensed. If you see some of my illustrations or paintings, don’t panic! I have copyrighted my work and I have most likely given the rights for limited exclusive licensing use. I do not ever sell full copyrights to any of my art work and therefore when you buy an original piece it is yours to completely enjoy and own but the artwork itself is non transferable and most not be reproduced. Sounds more complicated than it is, enjoy owning original art! You are worth it!

5. Can I use/share your work on my site?

If you feature my art online, please give me proper credit with a link to my website or social accounts, like Instagram. By the way, are you following me on Instagram @monicaleehenell? It is the best way to keep up with what is being produced in the studio.

6. Do you do commissions? 

I do! I am happy to work with you, within my style and time frame for a special piece of art. On a side note, I will travel to ANY fashion week or luxury hotel (yup. I am that kind of girl) to paint or illustrate live onsite. Check out some fun runway work I have done in the past here

7. Do you still host your podcast?

The answer to this may be buried at bit over at Smart Creative Women but I have had invest my creative time and energy into painting, so it is on sabbatical until I can work it back into my schedule. I will however be happy to be on your podcast, haha! (It is such a THING lately, right?) and lucky for you, I know the drill. I do post blog posts over at Smart Creative Women and occasionally do what I call “pop up podcasts” mostly because I am curious about another artist work or simply have awesome things to recommend or tell you, so it is a good idea to sign up for that mailing list. I don’t email a ton but when I do, it is worth it!


8. Do you still do creative coaching? 

I do! I love helping other artists and people find their right path. My favorite kind of coaching is to help people artist and non artists find their styles or what I call their “creative styles.” This type of visual style searching has helped me enormously from my art palette and subject matter to shopping for my wardrobe, home decor to deciding on vacation destinations!! Shopping, decoration art, vacationing? What the heck? Well, believe it! I have guided so many people through this FUN and revealing process, with rave results! All you need is some quiet YOU time,  a computer and email and we can get started! More here


9. What about privacy polices? Yes, yes, we have them all! You can read them here.

 Thank you so much for contacting me. 

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