I do two types of mentoring, an exclusively designed 6 week group mastermind program and one on one brainstorming sessions:

6 Week Mastermind Mentorship: Set in a small intimate private group of setting no more than 6, we explore and EXECUTE your Signature Self.

Signature Self is a Mastermind mentorship to uncover your distinctive stamp to apply to your  career, branding and personal style.

Using visual and written tools, you can gain confidence and clarity to know exactly what you stand for and how you want to show up in the world. You are outstanding and it needs to show!!

Being REMARKABLE is half if not ALL the marketing battle.

You don’t need the same formulas everyone else is using, you need to unearth what represents YOU and YOUR personality. You can then apply the aspects of those discoveries to your creative or business career and life.

Some of the exclusive tools and questions we will address include...

Understanding your aesthetic and point of view

*Understanding your personal subject matter also known as your “underlying theme” which been streaming in your life and conscience since you were born. 

*Exploring your voice and style to apply to the “medium of expression” that is perfectly suited to you and the lifestyle you want to design for yourself.

Decoding what you have gained and explored about your look, style and underlying personal life themes so you can apply it to your business, brand or career

*Utilizing your visual tools to communicate what you need to in a remarkable way.

You will be asked to explore visual cues and exercises you will be doing during our time together. Visual aides to help define yourself are often not used in other coaching programs, this is what can make Signature Self so powerful. You will do everything from hunting down color, texture, contrast, mood to support the shaping of your desires, career, artistic expression and even your personal style you dream of.

I know you have more in you! My hunch is that you know you do as well. Sometimes it's just daunting to access the power, commitment and self love to get it fleshed out and expressed. You need a tight circle that holds you and your precious energy during this self discovery AND it also needs to be fun!

It is about articulating who you really are with anchor exercises to get you expressing that person with immediacy. I believe every person has a creative spirit and once it is uncovered and your individual aesthetic and voice can be born. You can then apply it to your personal brand, a burgeoning business, you art or creative endeavors and even your personal style. This mastermind is a way to playfully approach choices that will ring true to you and your business and life.

You can be empowered to make the right choices for yourself.

No more second guessing! No more showing up looking like everyone else!

We meet weekly online for an hour and a half for 6 weeks as a group and discuss everyone’s exercises and to exchange ideas and network. This is a very individualistic, relaxed and non competitive environment!

This is a virtual mastermind! You can live anywhere!

SIGNATURE SELF: A Designed Life This is a private, intimate online setting to finally get clear priceless results on the following:

+pinpoint what your signature style stamp is and makes you unique and capitalize on it

+ easily articulate who you are visually and verbally

+ custom design your an outer world and inner world so it suits your personality

+redefine yourself and move forward so you can save time and work with ease

+explore the medium of expression for your work and life

+ answer confidently, “ Does this fit who I am?” in ALL of the area of your life and business


Mastermind Mentoring

6 weeks of small private group online mentoring. 1.5 hours per session. As soon as you sign up, you will receive an intake form so I can get to know you better and to discover the best times available for the participants. Times and dates will be worked within time zones that work best. This is a commitment that you are making for yourself, so you will be asked to carve out some time for discovery during this 6 weeks.

Not quite ready for the mastermind but need an idea for one area of your life or career? I am an idea girl and a bit of a wizard when it comes to generating them. We can make a plan to get together and have a one on one conversation where I can tune in to you and lay out some unique ideas on how to move forward with your career, marketing or creative path. After filling out an intake questionnaire, we can set up a time to sift through down to earth practical ideas to crazy “Can I really consider that?” plans and sort out which ones feel right for you.

One on One cost $160 for 1:15 hour

email me at for dates, times and details