Admittedly I am a bit of a Pied Piper, when I find something new, novel or exciting, I spread the word. I am just that kind of person.

 In fact, if we were sitting having a coffee (or a cocktail) I would share my most recent finds, good reads and favorite art. We would chuckle about our childhoods, first loves, career choices and naturally I would tell you what was happening with my artwork and why I was passionate about it.

So that’s what THE LETTER is:

- stuff you may not have heard about yet

-wisdom you might need 

-news from the studio

I hate nothing more than signing up for a “newsletter” and then receiving them almost everyday (stop that, already!) 

You won’t get that from me. Even though I do love a good “share” I can’t possibly bother you that much but, I will slip in at least once a month for a good long chat. :)


You can get THE LETTER below