Two Hour In-Depth


I have developed a unique way of helping creatives and business owners to find their “visual identities.”


Want to define an unforgettable visual identity that will help you more confidently show up online, in life, creatively and in your business? 

Let’s work together for a two hour in-depth discovery session.

You may have spent thousands on courses and coaching and yet your business still does not visually represent you the way you need it to. in fact, YOU are not showing up the way you need to. 

As a small business owner you need complete clarity when entering into the crowded market place. So often brand messaging and visual style can get bogged down and foggy in the mix of email blasts, to-do lists and social media posts. You shut down because something doesn’t feel right and you begin to question yourself and then nothing gets done. It’s a cycle.

This intensive session will get you on track.

No more fog. 

Through a series of questions and visual exercises and explorations we will put together a succinct visual identity package that you can repeatedly rely on. 

Before we begin, you will receive a questionnaire and several visual exercises to complete before the session, the other work we will do together. After we finish, you will receive a follow up visual identity packet and a video recording of our session so you can move forward with an empowered vision of yourself and what you have to offer.

This investment will make you and your business more  memorable and that is what makes you more profitable. You deserve to stand out just the way you were meant to.

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Investment: $400


“You can’t tap into your creativity without knowing and seeing who you are.”


“The way that Monica held space for what wanted to be expressed visually in my life, relationship and business was powerful. I went into this thinking that it might help me show up more fully on Instagram. And while Monica did help me with that piece of my visual identity, what I walked away with went far beyond that. She helped me uncover some deep truths that I had locked away for a long time. Within six months, a long-term relationship in my life had ended, I had moved to a new town beside the ocean - somewhere I had always wanted to live, and started a new (and exciting) chapter in my business. Monica held me see what was already there, but just hidden away underneath the surface. And she helped shift me towards some powerful personal revelations that have had a lasting impact.”

- Nikki G, Business Strategist

"I just love working with Monica in her mentoring program. She has such a unique and innate ability to not only listen but to really pick up on things that would not ordinarily stand out to me whether it is something specific like a color palette or way to describe my style or something a bit more conceptual like a certain area of my life professionally or personally that I might be growing or have an opportunity for growth. Another thing that so resonated with me was that she encourages action - - her creative exercises and materials really helped me to think about things differently and even take steps toward moving forward and gaining some clarity and really start the process. She inspires you with her optimism and encouragement and she shares her own experiences and learnings that help you feel like she is a friend so it is an incredibly authentic and unique experience and connection. I can’t wait to continue to work with her as a mentor!!"

Rachel L., Creative Business Owner and Author